Which Book to Choose?

Batman ? Ages 4 to 10

You win a competition on the radio to visit the world?s largest toy shop. You arrive to find that the world famous Kat Robot has been stolen by Cat Woman. You help Batman find the clues as you zoom around Gotham City in the Batmobile.

Santa ? Ages 2 - 8

It is Christmas and you have finished decorating the tree and wrapping the presents when Rudolph pays you a visit. Santa Claus has a big problem and only you can help. You jump into the sleigh and Rudolph takes you to the North Pole. After visiting Santa's toy workshop you get to meet Santa but he hasn't had time to make the special Christmas WISH and asks you to do it for him. Rudolph then takes you back home in time for Christmas.

Ballerina Princess ? Ages 4 to 10

Whilst walking in the park you meet a King and Queen who ask you to become the beautiful new princess of their kingdom. Once you are in their castle, preparations begin for a Grand Ball where you make lots of new friends and everybody wants to dance with you. After a day at the beach the next day, you return the castle to find that the royal dancers are going to perform a ballet and they want you to dance with them. You get a lift home in the Royal Carriage after the Ball. You can put your own message in the book eg. To our little Princess with love from??.

3 Little Pigs ? Ages 2 to 6

Join the Three Little Pigs in this well loved fairytale as they build their houses of straw, sticks and bricks. However, it isn't long before the big bad wolf comes tap-tap-tapping at their doors. It is up to you to help save the pigs as the wolf huffs and puffs and tries to blow their houses down. Watch your children?s eyes pop out when they know they saved the pigs.

When I Grow Up. ? Ages 3 to 7

What will you be when you grow up? A cowboy or an architect? A chef or a firefighter? There are many more choices for you to consider in this book but you have lots of time before you need to make a final decision!

Goal ? Ages 4 to 11

You have won the Soccer Sweepstake and the first prize is tickets to watch your favourite team. As the winner you get to sit on the bench with your favourite player who is named in the book also. When a player gets injured the coach asks you to take the free kick. You score to make the game 1-1 but with less than a minute to go can you score the winning goal? Not only do you get to play for your favourite team but you also get to choose the team you want to play against. Have your local Soccer teamplay against the big guns like Man United or Liverpool. This also makes a great "fun" present for an adult football supporter!

Mother Goose - Ages 1 to 5

In this lovely book you get to meet all your favourite nursery rhyme characters - Mother Goose, Old King Cole, The Old Woman in a Shoe, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Mary Mary and many more. Each nursery rhyme is printed below a beautifully illustrated picture.

Little Mermaid - Ages 4 to 10

Whilst on a visit to the seaside you meet the Little Mermaid. She is very unhappy because her daddy, the King of the Sea has been captured by the evil sea serpent Electra. With the help of Splish and Splash the dolphins and various other sea animals you manage to rescue the King. After a grand celebration in your honour it is time for a ride back to the seashore with Splish and Splash.

Circus Star ? Ages 2 to 6

In an exciting trip to the circus you are allowed to sit on the front row. You enjoy watching the clowns and the chimpanzees balancing on bicycles. When CoCo the baby chimpanzee escapes it is up to you to rescue him. You then become the star of the show and lead the grand parade on the back of a huge elephant.

Dinosaur Land ? Ages 2 - 6

Travel magically back to the time of the dinosaurs. You meet a Brontosaurus called Thunderfoot and help to save her and the other dinosaurs when the volcano erupts. The dinosaurs are so thankful that they decide to have a party to honour you.

Farm Animals ? Ages 3 ? 7

You go to a Farm for a Day & you rescue all the animals from the Storm. You are the Hero.